Games worth your time.
Every Time.

Our only goal is to create innovative, fun, and engaging games that will remind you why you love Virtual Reality.

What we do

We are currently developing Project G.E.C.K.O., the first tri-directional shooter for Virtual reality. Experience Virtual Reality like never before as you walk on floors, walls and ceillings to anticipate your enemies and solve puzzles.

Who we are

Our team is formed by experienced gamers and Virtual Reality enthusiasts.

After years of playing thousands of games of every genre and on every platform, we decided it was the time to put our knowledge at the service of creating the kind of innovative and fun games that we all wanted to play when you bought our Virtual Reality headset.

We want to create compelling stories that keep you engaged as you explore immersive environments, and we want you to feel amazing as you move instintively and naturally through them. With this vision in mind, we have assembled a team that includes a narrative director with thousand of hours of experience as a role master, an experienced game and level designer and a couple of software engineers with long experience in shipping amazing products and experiences.

Work with us

We are always looking for new talent to incorporate to our team.

We have an open position for an art director and 3d modeller.


Reach us via or check out any of our social media accounts.